Christians Vote!

As I wrote in my last post, to vote is to make a vow or to pray for something to happen. Those who call themselves by the name of Christ – Christians – have cast their vote for Jesus. They have taken a vow to bear the name of Jesus in all they do. It’s my prayer that more who have taken that vow will bear His name more and more every moment of their lives in every aspect of their lives.

It strikes me that if more Christians would bear Jesus’ name in everything they do, it wouldn’t matter so much what government did or who ran the government. If more Christians lived the life of Jesus daily, then righteousness and justice would roll like a river over the land and we would see less need for a large government. Amos 5:24. And, can you just imagine how the love of Jesus would spread if people saw it being practiced more? As more and more people began to take up the vote for Jesus, well, the answer to our prayers would be on every heart. His Kingdom would be here on earth through the submitted hearts of His followers.

I don’t write these posts to suggest that a Christian shouldn’t vote on November 4th (or in early voting). Please vote. But I also don’t write these posts to tell you how to vote. My only exhortation is that you pray before you vote about whom to vote for. To do anything less than that is to forget your vow to bear His name and to submit to His authority.

I believe God may tell one person to vote for Barack Obama and another person to vote for John McCain. God simply desires obedience from each one of us; He desires that more than He desires an Obama or a McCain presidency. Because of this, please don’t ever use how someone else votes as a barometer for their spirituality. The test is one that only God can give, and you quite simply are not God.

Vote for a presidential candidate and in the other elections on your ballot on November 4th, but vote every day and every moment for Jesus by bearing His name in all that you do. Please do not take His name on your life in vain!

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