Time to reflect and look forward

God is so faithful. He has consistently pursued us…

    It is a time to reflect and look forward. God is so faithful. He has consistently pursued us ever since Adam and Eve hid and when we each hide today. It is amazing to ealize that we started our pursuit of missions and ministry 12 years ago and God continues to pour out His character into our lives. We are so grateful that his love never fails.

    This year I taught in the Philippines, Korea, Kona, and Arkansas, and next year I am planning to train indigenous missionaries in Vietnam and the Philippines, and will also be teaching in Kona, California, and more. We can’t wait to see what God will do with the expanded Family DTS, not only here in Kona, but also in Chico, California, New Zealand, and Texas. It’s amazing to think that our second son will graduate high school, and we cannot wait to see where God will lead him.

    With Tanner arriving late Thanksgiving night and 6 soccer games in a tournament over the weekend, we had a simple holiday dinner together on Sunday evening (upper right). Below is Tanner’s birthday dinner, to the left a picture of decorating the Christmas tree, and then we have the family pajamas…

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