Visions of Future Ministry for FJ Ministries

As we have been praying over the past couple of months about why God chose Siloam Springs for our next home, we have learned a lot about the community. “Siloam” in Hebrew means “sent one.” Thus, we can translate this as “missionary” or “apostle.” We had no idea we were being sent to a place called Missionary Springs or Apostolic Springs. We have begun envisioning a place in or near Siloam where missionaries are sprung forth to the Nations.

So, we are dreaming about property that could be used to have a new Family DTS, perhaps a regular DTS, and other training, such as a bible school and training for strategic missions. Northwest Arkansas is economically strong and a strategic place to develop a missions training base.

We also are praying about a house that could be used as a marriage retreat for marriages that are hurting because of over work or lack of attention to the marriage. We would love to focus on this for pastors and missionaries, but also make it available for others when there is space. Seeing an end to divorce in the Body of Christ is our passion!

We hope to partner with churches across Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas, who would like help with short-term outreaches, providing training and leaders for trips to countries all around the world. We also will continue to look for places around the world to provide Family DTS in addition to the locations in Kona, Hawaii, Chico, California, Baja, Mexico, Tyler, Texas, Denmark, and Oxford, New Zealand. Thank you for your prayers, love and support, helping us see an end to divorce in the Body of Christ and more families going to the Nations!

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