How Should You Vote, Christian? Vote With Your Life!

Vote. It’s a word that we hear a lot during Presidential election years. Everyone is after a vote. Everyone should register to vote. Vote early. Write-in your vote. Vote Obama. Vote McCain. Vote Tina Fey. Vote for this; vote for that. There is a dizzying array of choices about which we can vote.


Many bloggers write about who they are going to vote for President. Some even believe that voting differently than they do demonstrates fundamental error. People who might follow Jesus and plan to vote for Obama might argue that those who would vote for McCain aren’t Christian or at least aren’t very good Christians. Likewise, people who might follow Jesus and plan to vote for McCain might find anyone who would support a candidate like Obama unfit to be called or Christian, or, at least, not a very good Christian.


I don’t think God’s voting for either candidate.


Did you know “vote” developed in the English language from the Latin word “votum.” This was the Latin word for vow. It also could be used in connection with prayer. Now, this is where it gets intriguing.


You see, I think those who are called by the name of Jesus Christ need to vote. Absolutely. They need to vote with their lives. There’s this scripture that says something about worshiping God by being living sacrifices; do you know the one? Romans 12:1-2. We made a covenant with the God of the Universe. We said, “Lord, I give you my life just as You gave me Yours at the Cross.” It was a prayer and you might say it was a vow. It was a ballot cast for Jesus. It was a statement that said I cannot make it anymore without Jesus being the Lord of my life. And by so voting we signed up to tell others to vote for Jesus, too. 2 Corinthians 5:16-21.


Jesus clearly is what every person in America and this world needs. Jesus clearly is the answer to all this world’s woes, whether they be economic, emotional, or esoteric – Jesus is the answer. Obama isn’t. McCain isn’t. Jesus is. Wait, I think Someone once said that.


“I am.”


Moses took that with him to the bank – the Nile river bank – as he greet Pharaoh in the name of the Lord. Moses voted Yahweh, baby. And Yahweh delivered.


So, what does all this have to do with voting? Well, I think Christians need to spend a lot more time living what they believe. Sure, go vote for someone for President after you’ve prayed about who you should vote for.


But, we’ve voted for Jesus. We bear His name. We are His ambassadors. Yet we treat that as though it were a secret. We bear His name but we’ve covered it up. We cried out to Him as Lord and Master, asking Him to tattoo His name all over us, but now we’ve covered up all the tattoos. We live our lives as though we are depending on, praying to, voting for something or someone other than Jesus.


We vote for the stock market. We vote for the economy. We vote for whatever we think will pad our wallets the most. We vote for life. We vote for war. We vote for gays. We vote against gays. We vote for lawyers. Can you believe that? We really do. When did we start voting for lawyers?


If those who bear His name in this country stood up and started living like Jesus did every day we wouldn’t need “new leadership.” We’d be the leadership. We’d lead by serving, loving, giving, praying, and being like Jesus. If someone had no food, we’d give what we have. If someone needed prayer, we’d pray in Jesus’ name openly. If someone’s business failed and they lost their home, we’d open up ours to them. Government wouldn’t be in the bailout business; we would be. I’m not even sure what government would need to do if we were voting as we should.


When will we wake up and vote for Jesus?


We’d be keeping our vows.


Praying for His Kingdom.


Voting for Love, Truth, Peace.


Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done, on Earth, in America, in your state, in your city, as it is in Heaven.



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