Inquire of the Lord

In 1 Samuel 23 we see David while Saul is still King. Someone tells him that the Philistines are attacking a city called Keilah. The first thing we learn that David does is to “inquire[] of the Lord.” God speaks clearly to him and tells him to go and take the city from the Philistines. Some of his men then question this plan so he inquires of the Lord again. Again God tells David to go; David goes.

I love this story. Throughout David’s life we see him inquiring of the Lord. Here we see him going to the well twice after doubts and questions arise. God is patient and loving and answers him both times. It’s okay to ask again and it’s okay to question. We see a man who has a very real relationship with the God of the universe. He’s on a first name basis with God, talking to Him regularly and seeking His counsel without fear or embarrassment. And even when others or circumstances raise doubt, God doesn’t grow impatient with us for coming to Him with those concerns.

This is instructive for us. We too can live this way. Just as I’ve written in the last two posts, we should inquire of the Lord how to vote. We should inquire of the Lord whether to go to college or not. We should inquire of the Lord about our career.

We should inquire of the Lord about daily decisions. He knows what’s best. Don’t we believe that?

He also speaks to us. Don’t we believe that?

Why wouldn’t we inquire of the Lord?

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