A Missionary or a Mission Field

Loren Cunningham, the Founder of Youth With A Mission, recently told a group of young people that they are either a missionary or a mission field. What a statement!

What does this mean? Is he saying that unless you go out and do international missions you aren’t really a Christian? Far from it.

He is simply challenging the Body of Christ to live their faith. God calls each one of us who would follow Jesus to be His ambassadors. 2 Corinthians 5:17. And, as such we are called to a ministry of reconciliation – to bring all men and women back into relationship with God. 2 Corinthians 5:18-21. God gives us the opportunity to join with Him in His mission. When we do that we are “missionaries.” For one it may be to go to some land far away. For another it may be to make disciples very near one’s home. For another it may be all of the above. Mission fields are any where there are people who haven’t yet awakened to the truth of God’s love through Jesus Christ.

So, are you a missionary or a mission field? Are you awakened to your call? Do you know how much the Father loves you and are you living from that love? Or, are you trapped by a belief that says you have to earn God’s love or that there is no God or some other lie and living accordingly?

Know Love. Live Love.

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