So, last night I had this dream. It was vivid. I awoke from it in the middle of the night.

My front door was off its hinges and just in the doorway. I couldn’t shut it properly. It was open. It was broken. And my home was thus wide open to the world.

I believe God can speak through dreams. Call me crazy if you’d like. So, having awakened from my broken front door I first thought, “What in the world did that mean?” It took me about a millisecond to jump to the conclusion it had to mean I had left a “door” open to the Enemy in some way, and I immediately began praying for God to shut the door and to protect us from evil. Seriously. I was sleepy I know, but I was praying soberly as I thought I was needing to wage “spiritual war.” Again, call me crazy if you’d like. But know I’ll happily pray for you anytime.

Well, I fell back to sleep only to find myself wide awake at 5:30. I tried to creep quietly from my room so as not to wake my wife, grabbing glasses and socks. I immediately knew something wasn’t right in the house. As I reached the hall, the wood floor was freezing and the chill in the air cut through my clothes. I walked into my living room to discover that our back door had flung itself open in the night. Our heater was agitated and angry. Winter was wandering about freely in our home.

As the memory of my dream dropped back into my mind I laughed to myself.

I sure am glad for warm blankets, though.

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