Blogger’s Block

I don’t know what it is. In recent months I’ve found it very difficult to write or read blogs. I’ve published quite a bit on my own blog, but mostly out of a sense that I needed to do so. I’ve hardly spent any time reading or commenting on other blogs. I’ve not desired to do so. When I start to weave my way along the web I find it tiresome.

It’s not because there is any dearth of great material. It’s not because I don’t enjoy reading good writing and ideas. I simply have fallen out of the habit and do not have any strategy for my blogging.

When I began blogging in May of 2006 I did it because I wanted to. I wrote out of a desire to flesh out my thoughts. I read other blogs because I loved the flow and mix of ideas that took place on good blogs. I’ve never been a widely read blogger but I’ve enjoyed a good audience and had great interaction with a number of people over the last two years. I’ve also met a number of incredible people through the medium of weblogs.

Nevertheless, as I enter 2009 I have to wonder whether I will rediscover my love for blogging or if blogging will become a relic of my past.

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