When I Am Weak, He is Strong

I apologize for the length between posts. This week I was ransacked with a fever as high as 105.1 (or about 40.4 celsius for those not on the fahrenheit scale), and I am not sure my temperature even as a baby ever reached that height! Needless to say, I stayed in bed for about 72 hours. But, just as He promises in His Word, it is when we are weak that He is strong!

By the third day of being in bed and extreme fatigue I had no ability to do anything but pray and write. I began writing a workshop on the biblical foundations of parenting and marriage because we had been asked to conduct one on Friday of this past week. I wasn’t sure I would be able to do the seminar, but it would be ready to present. I often have a lot of material running around in my head, but my ability to focus and put it all into an orderly fashion sometimes is not good. God used my physical weakness to give me the strength to focus. And as He spoke to my heart I wrote. It was amazing. I think I was more prepared than I have ever been for any presentation. And, that made it much easier for Tara to join me in presenting because she loves to be prepared; I am the more extemporaneous speaker.

By Friday, when it was time for the seminar, I still was in bed all morning. But, I had the strength to go by the afternoon. Tara and I presented for about two hours to about 45 adults in the Tagoloan community. It was a joy! It was so well received that we have been invited to conduct a second, all-day seminar in another community in a couple of weeks. God is incredibly good. We hope to do more and more family ministry, and this was an incredible way to get things started.

By the way, I doubt you get Filipino TV Channel 17, but if you did you could see me preaching at 6 p.m. Filipino time, which would be 5 a.m. Sunday morning in Arkansas (CST). 🙂 They taped this morning’s service.

Please pray for me because I still really have to take medicine to feel somewhat normal. I think I am nearly over the flu, but it has been hard to regain strength.

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