Finally…. FOTOS!!!!

img_1078.JPG The view of Marcos Bridge, from the bridge as we traveled by bus to Iligan.


This was taken our very first day of ministry I think. We went to meet people in the community of Tagoloan, as well as to pray for God to prepare our way. The local YWAM had never ministered in Tagoloan before and we were praying that God would pave our way to see many ministries multiplied. Has He ever!!!!


This is taken in Marcos Bridge. It is about as poor a community as I have ever seen. It often floods as it sits under and near bridge next to a river leading into the ocean. Tanner prays for God to show him children to give toys (toys we brought from the kids’ toy chest at home).



Meet Norman and Elsa. Tara has been ministering to this family in Tagoloan throughout our time here. We have blessed them with a stroller and, more importantly, Elsa accepted Christ for the first time. She has since begun going to church (now that she can push Norman and carry her three-year old daughter), and also came to the recent marriage and parenting seminar we conducted! Norman is blind and severely disabled.


This picture of Tanner and me was taken while we went to Iligan. Iligan is located just miles from the Muslim capital of Mindanao. The reason we were at these waterfalls is because the local government, which invited us to come and preach and minister, wanted to show us the power plant that provides electricity to all of Mindanao. We are standing on a platform of that power plant near the waterfall, as you can see. We went from this waterfall to Tinago (or hidden) Falls, one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. It was the one time in our several weeks here we were able to take in some scenery. It’s hard to describe how beautiful it is to someone who has seen mostly dirt, sewage, trash, and poverty for several weeks.

The next picture is of Tinago Falls. I will post more pics soon; it just is a slow process on WordPress. Tanner and I are on the boat going into the falls. We felt like we were at Blue Lagoon. It surely is just more evidence of the infinite creativeness of God, our Father.

Meanwhile, the guys in the last picture went with us most everywhere we went, even to blue lagoon falls, because of the proximity to Marawi.



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