South African Saturday

We brought Saturday in while at a prayer meeting that began at 8:00 p.m. on Friday. 🙂 It went a tad bit late (and early), but it was wonderful. The room was filled with people longing to give their lives to God’s purpose here in Worcester, South Africa.

Saturday morning we met with a pastor from Zwelethemba. We are excited to work with the churches there as we will go door to door in the community, sharing the gospel of Jesus, providing where we can and praying with everyone who will pray with us. We also hope to work with the local health clinic and set up a meeting to explore the possibilities there.

We spent the afternoon in the town center just having a bit of time to ourselves. It was nice. We even ate the best meal we’ve had since arriving here at a small cafe. It was a fairly nice winter day. It was probably about 60 degrees and the sun came out a little. It seems like it rains most days here in winter.

There is a trampoline outside of the base and the kids had a great time giving it a go this afternoon.

Tonight we met a few people to explore putting together a band/drama group for some of our ministry times in the various Worcester communities. It was exciting to dream about what kind of program we might be able to put together. As Justin, Bea, Angelo and I met, we realized that we were from four different countries and four different continents. Angelo was a native South Africa; Bea, a Brasilian, Justin, an Englishman, and me bringing in the American. What a blessing to be a part of such a group.

Pray for Tanner – he’s developed a fever. We have no idea what it might be and he has no other symptoms as of yet. Tomorrow we plan to meet with all the local people who have been helping prepare for us. Pray for our meeting on the 26th of June, which will be a welcome meeting for us with pastors from the community. Every pastor is invited. Pray that all will come. We hope to cast a vision of unity and that this outreach is about all of the Body of Christ reaching out to the poor and needy and lost in Worcester.

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