Genesis 50

What the Enemy Meant for Evil, God Will Use for Good

Given what all is happening around the world, much of what has happened has involved canceling outreaches, training schools, and travel for teaching. Our schools in Kona and Chico, California scheduled to begin in April were both cancelled. We also were scheduled to teach in both of those this Spring, and we had to cancel those travel plans. Additionally, I was scheduled to teach in another Discipleship Training School in England in April, and I had to cancel that trip. Both of the April Family DTSs were postponed until September, and we are praying that they can take place. The YWAM Kona base, like so many around the world, asked nearly all of its staff to return to their home countries and cancelled all training operations. Remaining staff are doing all they can to help ministries locally.

For me (Bryan) the amazing timing of this has enabled me to focus on caring for my dad. I am his primary caretaker now that he has been moved to hospice (April 16). This means moving in with him during the week, and one of my brothers lives with him during the weekends. Meanwhile, Tara and I have initiated Zoom conference calls with the Family DTS leaders in Kona, Chico, Tyler, Mexico, and Denmark. We also have had a great time having Zoom calls with a number of our prior Family DTS alumni. Meanwhile, we also are sending financial support to a number of locations in the Philippines to help them supply impoverished communities with food during the shutdowns. Much of the Philippines is on tight lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus.

We do not know when things will reopen, but we have plans for the schools in September (in Kona and Chico), both that those will run as normal and for us to be teaching in those. I also have travel plans to the Philippines in the Fall to teach in different DTSs there.

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