Alive and Well in South Africa

Getting to an internet cafe has proved difficult in South Africa, but we are still alive and kicking. No worries here! Sorry to our parents and others who may have had a few at home. I have little time, but wanted to say we are well to all who read here to see what we are up to.

I spent yesterday at a ministry in a farming community. Children of farm workers and their mothers and grandmothers go to learn about God’s word and to enjoy a time of fellowship. In a sense, many of those at the ministry are like sharecroppers of the early 20th century in the southern U.S. The people live on and work the farms – grapes, potatoes, oranges, tomatoes and the like. Many have little hope of doing anything but working the farms and having children who will do the same. Praise God we serve the God of Hope!

Today I am at an internet cafe next to a grocery store. Tanner and I are here to buy the grocery for our team of about 50. I enjoy doing that. I drove to Cape Town last night (about 60 miles) to pick up the last of our team from the airport. We had a great time or worship and prayer together this morning and most of those who are newly arrived are around town doing the things they need to do like personal shopping and banking.

No time for more. We love you. I’m tired. But God is faithful and keeps me going. Pray that we can run the race marked out before us with perseverance in spite of the fatigue and all that is needed to be done.

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