Scheming for Marriage and Family

Bobby Petrino post-accidentWow, the below paragraph regarding Bobby Petrino’s mistakes from a story on ESPN says quite a bit about men and husbands with very few words. Jeff MacGregor, its author, pulls no punches. Bobby Petrino is the former Head Coach of the Arkansas Razorback football team, a husband, and a father of four children, fired for numerous lies and schemes related to a girlfriend he hired to work for the football program and who was half his age.

If Bobby Petrino had spent as much time scheming conference defenses as he did scheming marital offenses, he’d be the King of Football. And if he’d put as much effort into being married as he put into committing adultery; if he’d spent just half the ingenuity and energy and money on his wife that he lavished on his mistress, he’d be the first man in history to do so. Rather, he’s a punch line, a cliché, a red-faced midlife Electra Glide cautionary tale for every horny orthodontist who ever wandered the floor of his local Harley dealership looking to buy back his youth. And for this, deep down in his lightless heart, you know he blames his wife for not giving him what “he needs.”

Lord, help me invest my life not only in my marriage and family, but also into seeing healthy marriages and families everywhere! Forgive me for the numerous times I’ve failed as a husband and daddy! Thank you for grace.

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