What is Prayer?

I cannot claim to know everything about prayer, but I think too often we allow our understanding of what prayer is deter us from being a people of prayer. As I explore the nature of prayer, in scripture and in my life, I am moving to a more simple understanding of it.

Simply put, prayer is the result of a relationship with God. It is the overflow of our hearts, minds, and spirits when we live in the reality of Who God Is. Prayer is the process of getting to know God, His character, heart and nature, hearing from Him and responding with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. Prayer, when we are doing the talking, is speaking out His very words to us. So, real prayer is, at a minimum, hearing from God. Only sometimes does it also involve our speaking. Effective prayer is that prayer that flows out of abiding in Him, for apart from our source we can do nothing. John 15.

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