Pondering the Our Father

I never tire of thinking about the Lord’s prayer. There are so many things about it that are remarkable, and I was just now thinking about two of those and thought I’d jot them down here.

First, the prayer is short (which is also why I would like to keep this post short). In just a few words (59 in the original language), Jesus provides them the “manner” to pray. I’ve already exceeded 59 words here.

I know I pray all too little (meaning that I all too often just do things without walking by faith and dependence on God), but given Jesus’ brevity, I have to think that I should spend more time listening to God and less time talking to Him (or just to myself).

Second, the entire prayer is prayed in the plural first voice. “Our Father,” “our daily bread,” “deliver us….” The prayer directs us to our community of faith. The prayer walks in the reality of the Church and not the individual. I’ve always felt a bit funny that one of the key points of the prayer was for daily food when I’ve never truly lacked it, but if I instead begin looking for the daily bread of the entire body (and giving myself to being the answer to that prayer), my prayers will begin to change me (and hopefully change the level of hunger in this world).

Enough. Selah. Amen. Shalom.

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