Lost and Losing It


They can be lost. Proof? Look at what the “economic collapse” of recent months and years has done to some portfolios.


They can be lost. To fire. To bankruptcy. To divorce.


They can be lost. Businesses fail. Layoffs happen. People make mistakes and get fired.

TV Shows.

They can be Lost and come to an end.

Even though all of these things can be lost, we often give them a higher priority than the things we have that can never be lost. And, as a result, we nearly lose the “un-loseable” – or, at least, we ruin it.

When I have a child, I become a dad and I have a son or a daughter. A child who becomes my son will always be my son. No matter what happens, and no matter how lousy of a dad I am, I will always be that son’s daddy and he will always be my son. Even after my time on this earth is done, I will still be that son’s daddy.

It seems that we should truly invest into the things we cannot lose. If you knew that a stock was a 100% sure thing – that it would never lose value and only increase in value – wouldn’t you put a lot into it? Wouldn’t the same be true for a business? A job?

Well, let’s take that mentality to our families and children. It is totally up to us to increase our family’s “value” and beauty, but no matter what we do we will always have it. It only makes sense to put more of our time and effort into being a dad than it does into a job, a home, a hobby, or a business.

In fact, it seems to show how lost we are when we don’t make being a dad or mom a priority over such things as jobs and hobbies. Some might even say we are “losing it” to make such bad investments of our lives.

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