Hide and Go Seek

Do you remember playing hide and go seek when you were younger? I think I was always on the hunt for the “perfect hiding place,” and when I did find just such a place I then discovered an urgent need to go to the bathroom.

We never stop playing this childhood game. Remember what Adam and Eve did the moment they realized they had trusted someone other than God? They hid from God. And, thank God, He went looking for them.

In Psalm 32 we are told what a blessing it is to be free from sin, living in the truth and not living in the lie. Psalm 32:1-4. And it is when we find our hiding place in God that we are truly free and truly teachable by Him. Psalm 32:7-8. John 8:32. He is the perfect hiding place.

Unfortunately, just like when I was a little kid, I often have the urge to leave the Perfect Hiding Place to go some place common like the bathroom. My heart yearns to hide only in my loving Heavenly Father and to learn to rest there.

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