Passion with Purpose – Purposeful Passion – Passionate Purpose

Are you consumed with zeal for Jesus?

Does your life personify passion?

Carpe Diem!!! Seize the day! Just do it. Get some passion on people and not for things like your favorite sports event/team or a good day at the market. Get over yourselves and start living passionately for the only One who saves, lives, loves, and reigns! HE REIGNS!

1 John 2:6

“Whoever says he abides in [Jesus] ought to walk in the same way in which [Jesus] walked.”

We say we live or abide in Jesus. Do we walk as He did? How did He walk? How did He live?

The same John who wrote the above verse also recorded the gospel of John, in which He told about Jesus’ life. John introduces us to a passionate and purposeful Jesus, the lamb of God. John 1:29.

And John tells us his first miracle. What was it? A party! Not just any party, but a party celebrating the passionate union of a man and his wife. A party with purpose and a party with wine, lots of it. John 2:1-12.

What was Jesus’ first action in ministry? Picking His team – His disciples. The One who would call us ot make disciples first showed us how to do that. John 1:35-51.

And how about John’s first recording of Jesus’ interaction with the religious elite of the day? Jesus pulls out a whip and drives out those who had adulterated the house of the Lord. What consumed Him? ZEAL. John 2:17.

And what’s next? The story of God’s great love – His all consuming passion for the world. John 3:1-19.

Jesus was Passion personified. And we are to walk as He walked.

Jesus was Passion personified so much that Passion was His life . . . and death. The Passion compelled Him to the Cross. The Passion was His Purpose. And now that same passion – that same Love – compels us to live to die to ourselves and to live to live for God and others. Why? We are new creations in Christ, impassioned by the One Who Is Passion to One Passion and Purpose – to see every Tongue, Tribe, and Nation glorifying God forevermore!!!! Revelation 7:9-12.

Praise the Lord!!!

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