Families Are Created With Purpose

God knows what He is doing.

Do you believe that?

God has plans for each of us. And God gives us gifts, passions, talents, and purpose.

God also puts people together in marriage. The bible teaches us that what He has joined together we must not separate.

God has good works prepared for us to do. We are His workmanship, His poem, His song, His artwork, His masterpiece.

He takes this great work, puts many of us together with the perfect mate and complement, and then also gives many of us children.

These children, the bible explains, also are a gift from God. And they each have passions, gifts, talents, and purpose, placed in them by God. They are also His workmanship and sweet songs, with good works prepared for them to do…. by God.

Now, imagine that your entire family has been pieced together by God, the One Who makes no mistakes, and that He has a purpose and a plan for you. As a family. The masterpiece that is your family has a purpose and a plan, from God, that you were created for, to do – TOGETHER.

Do you know what it is?

What is your family doing together?

How is your family, as a family, blessing others?

What do you intentionally do to serve others?

What are you teaching your children about the meaning of life and the purpose of your family?

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