American Idol – Group 2 – Predictions

And now, for the important things of life… NOT. Nevertheless, I watch American Idol when I can and enjoy seeing people grow in their ability. I watched last night and was surprised at how badly some of the contestants did. At the same time, I know that some of the contestants have never been on such a stage before and their nerves and lack of experience showed.

Who do I think will make the Final 12 from last night? I think that it will likely be a different 3 than the ones that I think should make it. It wasn’t that great of a night.

If we are judging based on how they performed last night, I would put them in the following order.

1. Adam Lambert

Adam is in a league alone, at least with those who performed last night. The bad part about Adam for the show is that he makes it seem less suspenseful who will make it to the finals. I almost don’t feel like I need to watch as long as he is still in it. He’s that good. He’s been performing since he was ten and has a voice like Freddie Mercury. It will take someone else a lot of hard work and grabbing the hearts of voters to knock him off.

2. Mishavonna Henson

I’m not sure why the judges didn’t like her. She is one that should make it but likely won’t because the judges decided to go against her. They claimed she is too serious. Since when is that a bad thing?

3. Alison Iraheta

Wow. She surprised me. Great vocals and she doesn’t realize it. She’s very young, but she earned a spot based on her performance. I’m not sure America will agree, but there is a lot of buzz about her. She’s not as cute as others, but she can sing.

Now, how will America vote?

Number 1 is the same – Adam Lambert.

Number 2 is difficult. My gut says they’ll put Alison Iraheta in.

Number 3? I want it to be Kris Allen because he seems like a great guy and he is from Arkansas. He also may get a lot of votes from the younger girl voters. I think it will either be Kris Allen or Megan Joy Corkrey. Simon sure seemed to want Kris; that may take him over the top.

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