The Joys of Life on a YWAM base

YWAM is Youth With A Mission. As an “older” person who has lived in community with many youth on a YWAM base, I can attest that it is an amazing experience that keeps “youth” in my heart and mind. It challenges me to keep thinking in new ways and not get stuck in the mud of my age/generation/music/etc. I just received this way fun message on my Facebook wall from a young lady who was a Discipleship Training School student while we were in England on staff at The King’s Lodge.

Hey Bryan! Hope all is well with you and your awesome gang!
I was sorting through some DTS notebooks and found a conversation written down on a napkin…
-“Your name is Rachel.”
-“Yes, and your name is Regan.”
-“You know that cause I told you.”
-“Yes, and I know you’re 4. Do you want to guess how old I am?”
-“Yes. (pause) Eight?”
-“Close. … Read MoreEighteen.”
-“Eight-TEEN… sooo close…”

I loved every conversation I had with a Riley- young or old! Thanks for the memories and raising such great kids! Pass the love along to your wife. 🙂

May God continue to bless our family to be a part of ministering His love and goodness to young and old all over the world.

Thanks Rachel Dana for a wonderful story about my little Regan!

For another great Regan story – see this post from the past.

Regan Cambryn Riley - age 2

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