Family Prayer Time

We close each day with prayer together – Tanner, Keaton, Regan, Tara and me. It’s a wonderful time together. Tonight, Regan made me smile with this prayer:

“Dear God, please help us get stronger… and funner… and faster… and help us make snowmen.”

One of the things we have done that has worked quite well is to pray ACTS in a circle. We learned to do this at a children’s class at Central United Methodist Church. ACTS was something I had learned as a youth growing up, but we had never implemented it with our kids. ACTS is an acronym for





So, when we do this as a family we simply go around a circle praying as follows:

“I adore you God (or I praise you) because ….”

Then, when we have all done that we pray:

“I am sorry, God, for …..”

“I am glad (or I thank you, God) for….”

And, finally, each of us prays for someone.

It’s a fun way to do family prayer and, when it comes to confession, we often learn interesting things. I highly recommend implementing this on occasion in your family!!!

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