Trips to River View and Roodewal

We’ve made short trips as a group into two communities within Worcester. Both lie to the north of Durban Street, and that street was the dividing line during the Apartheid years. Nonwhites had to live on the north side and could not cross over Durban Street.

The main places we visited were large apartment complexes (pink in color) that are government subsidized. We were mostly going to pray and meet people, to let them know that they would see more of us and begin to build relationships. Whereas in the Philippines our white skin is a welcome (and very unusual) sight, here it isn’t. We must build relationships and trust.

Our group is about 50 people at present, but we continue to have South Africans join us as our reputation has spread. About four local churches have sent young adults (mostly under 40) to live and minister with us and others are going to join next week.

The schools are out for mid-winter break, so there are many children out in the neighborhoods. I played a bit of catch with a rugby ball, demonstrating too well that I had never thrown one properly. I did take it above my head and throw a few American style, however.

Please pray that the 15 or so South Africans that have joined our group will feel at home and feel like they are a welcome part of our family. Tara and I will be leading a ministry team of about 16 people and will be ministering every afternoon across Worcester. Pray that we will have wisdom and a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit as we provide direction and leadership to our ministry team in the communities where we will serve. As I type this a group of 15 have gone to a wedding simply to wait tables at the reception. A former gang leader’s son (now a believer) is marrying and our group will likely be the only (or nearly the only) whites at the wedding, and, amazingly, we will be able to serve.

Thank you for your love, prayers, and support. We can’t wait to tell more of what is happening here. Oh, one of our group, a 17-year old girl, came on crutches from England because of a torn ligament in her knee. After two prayer times, specifically for her pain and healing, she took off the brace and left her crutches behind. 🙂 God is amazing, our Jehovah Raphe. And, Tanner was only sick that one night and had no fever the next day or since!!

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