People Are My Task

filipino-high-school-kids.jpgThey say people tend to be either task oriented or people oriented. I think many Christians get tied up in their personalities rather than letting go of themselves and allowing Jesus to minister personally through them. Perhaps if we simply began to see that our job, our ministry, our task in this world is to love one another just as Jesus loved us by going to the cross for us we would see the Kingdom of God advanced beyond our wildest dreams. Are you in too big of a hurry to stop and encourage the person who is behind you with a smile and conversation as you wait for your 3 dollar cup of coffee at Starbucks? Do you have too much work to do to teach your son or daughter about the love of God by playing ball with them or a game of Uno or just telling them about God’s Word? Are you going to chase a career, a woman, a man, a fit body at the cost of your and others’ souls?tkl-sbs-crazy-shot.JPG

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