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I am very hesitant to post this because Tara’s and my parents read what I write frequently, but I know of no better way to encouarge prayer for us and for all of the missionaries we will be traveling with than to let you know some of the latest about where we are heading in the Philippines. We were just made aware of these reports this past week about Mindanao, the island where we will be spending the months of July and August. I also know that we serve a God who is infinitely loving, kind, good, just, merciful, gracious and who has a plan for each of us that is for our very best, so we need not fear!!!

Please pray that nothing will prevent us from taking God’s message for the people of Mindanao this summer and pray that God’s ever present and infinite love will erase any and every fear that I, Tara, our children, any member of our team, or any family member or friend of any of us might develop. And, finally, pray for the people of Mindanao, that their fears will be overcome through the power of God’s love.

U.S., Australia warn against travel to Mindanao of Philippines

The United States and Australia on Friday issued travel warnings for their citizens in the southern Philippines, saying that Mindanao region is under threat of terrorist attack.

The U.S. embassy in Manila warned that a terrorist group may be planning to carry out bombing attacks in Central Mindanao over the next several days.

In an advisory issued to American citizens in the Philippines, the U.S. urged its nationals to reconsider its travel plans to the region.

It added that U.S. citizens should “reassess their personal security and keep a low profile and should avoid public gathering places.”

Likewise, the Australian government also renewed its travel ban on Mindanao, citing a “very high threat of terrorist attack.”

Australians are strongly discouraged from traveling anywhere in Mindanao, particularly Sulu, Basilan, Jolo and Tawi-Tawi, the stronghold of Muslim extremist groups, according to the travel ban.

“Recent credible information indicates terrorists may be in the advanced stages of attack planning. The attacks may be imminent and could occur at any time, anywhere in Mindanao,” the advisory issued by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said.

On Thursday, seven Filipino workers who were abducted by the Abu Sayyaf Group since Sunday were beheaded. The Abu Sayyaf, which is notorious for kidnap for ransom activities and beheading of hostages, is listed by the U.S. government as a foreign terrorist group.

Taken from, dated April 20, 2007

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