Anxiety in Asda

So, Tara and I caught a ride into the local Asda, which are the Wal-Mart owned shopping centers of England. We went with certain assumptions in mind. We assumed that we would find it to be much like Wal-Mart. We also assumed that we would find normal American products. We assumed that because the language was the same that we would have no problems whatsoever navigating our shopping experience.

Instead, because our assumptions proved to be universally untrue, the experience turned our moods somewhat anxious. A kilo of Jet lag, several kilometers of change, not having eaten lunch, and everything being quite different slopped together to create stressed shoppers.

Because we arrived early for our training, and because the King’s Lodge had just finished a number of other classes, we found the base on “holiday” (a vacation). The kitchen is closed. We needed to buy some things for lunches and snacks. Many of the families are providing suppers showing great hospitality. But, you don’t walk in to an English supermarket and find Cheez-its and Minute Maid. Instead there are assorted Digestive biscuits and fruit squash. Robinson's fruit squashDigestive Biscuits So, after buying just a few bags full of grocery, none of which looked like our normal Wheat Thins, granola bars, and pop tarts, we quickly rang up almost 100£ (pounds) of grocery, which means we spent almost $200 on a variety of foods that may or may not be as appetizing as we would like. And, here we are in England and haven’t even been to the Philippines, yet. 🙂

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