More on the Power of Words… and Listening

I don’t get a lot of comments (I wish more readers would comment because much of what I write is me thinking out loud and seeking to be taught as much as teach), but the ones I get are often fabulous. I also know that some readers don’t read beyond the posts, so, I wanted to make a special note of a recent comment by Meredith in response to the post The Power of Words.

Meredith wrote:

…The tongue is so small, yet so powerful and difficult to tame. I once did an experiment for myself that I did not speak (bar my kids and of necessity) except when asked a question. I did this for a month and it was such an eye opener for me. It was also more peaceful than the many situations I get myself into. Thanks for the reminder and yes, listening is such a rarity, I think it really grabs people attention, as well as lending an environment that we can learn more about ourselves, about God, about life, about others…

I also recently linked to Molly Aley’s fabulous post on 30 Days of Nothing, and she has followed up on that post with two more posts you should read, here and here. I thought that perhaps one of the things that one do during a 30 Days of Nothing would be to take on Meredith’s experiment: not to speak unless spoken to (or with kids/necessity).

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