My last post was about God working me over as I struggled with sleep. Well, that was just the beginning. I have spent the last four days with fevers as high as 103, which, for an adult, or at least for this adult, means loss of all strength and will to live. Even with medication my fever would only get down to about 100. It finally broke today. I’m exhausted, achy, and generally having a hard time recuperating. I am so tired of trying to find an elusive comfortable position in bed, but that was about the best goal I could have during these last few days.

I don’t really have anything profound to say about it, nor did I have some vision while full of fever. For the most part I spent four days on my back, occasionally reading books. I will say that I realized that the only thing I really could do while in such a weakened state besides read was pray. And, with that thought I realized that that is the attitude God always calls us to. All too often I “believe” I can handle something so I just do it without praying and without depending upon God for direction and strength. So, one thing I prayed during that time of utmost weakness was that God would help me to remember that no matter how “strong” I seem I always need to pray and depend upon him.

I hope to publish some pictures of my kids and from around the island soon. My computer has had some issues of late, too, so I hope that I will be able to do so.

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