Out of … Focus

Where is yours?
Are you focused on something you can share,
or something you can’t dare
Let others scrutinize?
Is there fear in your eyes
When someone might guess
What you cannot confess?
Does it keep you up at night,
Or is your heart light?
Are you afraid someone might see,
Or are you living free,
Free of worry and free of care–
a life of love and peace?
Oh sweet release.
Are you chained to something hidden,
unable to let go?
Evermore guilt ridden,
But slowly becoming a pro
At concealing your heart;
able to see “clearly” in the dark,
yet wondering if you can
Keep it all under control,
Or if it will all spin
Out of …

A weapon
That can be wielded
Or yielded to.
Where is yours?
Does it bring you success
Or like the flame-enticed moth
Does it hold death?

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