House of Mirrors

Here’s something I wrote while on an airplane, facing the fact that I so often focus on me rather than on Him. How often I try to be the “god” of my world rather than living in the reality of Who God is, for me and for all in this world.

My breathing is rough,
And my heart, a wreck;
My mind is reeling–
Everything unchecked.

How did I get here
This tailspinning travail,
Where all i see
Is my own misery?

It seems I’ve built myself
A house of mirrors–
Where the only view
Is the one I idolize.
Yes, I’ve buried myself
In a coffin of my own design
Where all i can see . . .
Is me.

One step away from death,
This mirrored house of horrors.
I must stop this nightmarish trip,
And find One who is worthy of my worship.

When I try to break the glass
I can’t find any tool;
Because I keep looking in the mirrors
Enraptured by my own tears.

No, I’ve built a life I can’t tear down,
So I’m asking you to do it for me–
For though you gave me the solid foundation,
I erected a self-serving station.

Break me down;
Destroy this narcissistic clown;
I want to see the world as it is–
A world that isn’t all about me.

I know you have created a beautiful place,
But I stopped looking at it years ago.
I just want to be able to see reality–
Once again . . . finding liberty.

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