Things I’m Learning

Since July of 2006 I’ve walked what may seem to be a slightly different path. Because of both positive and negative things happening in my life at that time, I quit my job as a corporate attorney. My wife, three kids (ages 7, 5, and 2 then), and I began pursuing missions and family ministry as a “career.” We had to ask others for help to accomplish this (fundraising, prayer requests, sharing more of what he had considered “private” lives than we were used to doing), and we pursued a way of life built on the idea that we could hear God’s voice and follow it. We also recognized we were called to live our lives together as a family. We hoped to be more intentional about being a husband, wife, mom, and dad.

I want to start unpacking this journey again in written form here. I really haven’t written regularly in a few years. This initial post will summarize a few of the things I’ve learned through this process, and then I will follow it up with an explanation of each of the points I list here.

What have I learned and am I learning through this slightly unconventional journey? Here’s a sample:

1. I am selfish.
2. God provides.
3. My wife needs me.
4. My kids need me.
5. I should say “yes” more often.
6. Saying “yes” often requires dying to self and I’d rather not.
7. There is a limit to how many people I can be in community with.
8. Prayer is powerful and I often fail to believe it.
9. God has a lot to say and I often don’t really want to hear it.
10. Moving is unbelievably hard.
11. I nearly always think I’m right but “going” often proves me wrong.
12. God redeems.

Here’s a video of the training school we lead each April in Kona, Hawaii.

Family DTS from YWAM Kona – UofN on Vimeo.

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