Meet the Duttons

God has blessed our family with a desire to see other families thrive in ministry together as a family. Landing in Kona we are meeting a number of amazing families. Each one has its unique giftings that shape the face of the mission here at the University of the Nations.

I want to highlight one of the core families here at the U of N, Andrew, Faith, Emily, Michael, and Eli Dutton. Andrew and Faith have been in Youth With A Mission for 12 and 20 years respectively. Both joined YWAM straight out of high school in Australia and have been part of YWAM ever since. They have been married for 10 years and have produced three lovely and gifted children. Andrew is one of the key leaders at the University of the Nations as Director of Training, but the “title” simply doesn’t describe all that he does for the U of N. His leadership style is one of grace and constant discipleship. He has an uncanny ability of turning every circumstance and meeting into a moment for teaching.

is a woman with a passion to see people come into their true ‘God given identity’ and see them stepping into their gifts and talents in serving the Lord. She serves the U of N in part by helping lead the staff care and development team. She desires to see each individual loved, honored and treated with the unique value that God place on each life. Injustice against women and children are firmly imprinted on her heart, and she is currently developing strategies and opportunities to make a difference this through the nations.

has a heart to train up young leaders and encourage people that they can get involved in the great commission throughout the nations. Andrew loves to read and also teach any chance he gets.

Together this couple and their kids have and will continue to serve God in missions and be a part of impacting the Nations for Christ!

I am writing about Faith and Andrew to say that this is a family who has sacrificed much to serve God’s mission as a family. They have suffered a great deal of medical and other unexpected expenses over the past year and would be greatly blessed to receive your support in prayer and finances. I highly recommend them to you and would be happy to help facilitate anything God might lay on your heart as you pray for them.

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