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Since the last post was about the Kingdom I thought it would be appropriate to mention a discipleship training school here at the University of the Nations that focuses on building Kingdom, the Community Tranformations DTS. At the link you will find the following description of the training school:

Imagine a reversal of AIDS statistics in South Africa or a dramatic drop in crime in New York City. Imagine communities stepping out of poverty because they have been taught how to farm and grow their own food. Imagine major corporations closing child sweatshops because of a newfound desire to treat employees with dignity, no matter what their age or race.

The 24-week Community Transformations DTS (12 week lecture phase and 12-week field assignment) is designed to launch a generation of Nation Disciplers and Changers; people who will bring to life what God has been dreaming of since before the world was created! Come discover the depths of who God is and help Him bring hope to the hopeless. Our outreach teams typically serve in urban settings (New York City and townships near Capetown, South Africa). God’s dream is that we would walk with Him in all areas of life. He holds dreams for each “sphere” of life and society: arts and entertainment, education, government, science, business, the church, and families. Outreaches will minister into each “sphere”, discipling nations from the inside out! Your gifts, passions and abilities can serve nations!

Come and be a part of bringing real and lasting change to men, women and children around the world!

The school plans to do outreaches in Cape Town, South Africa and New York City. In New York they link up with Models for Christ and minister into the fashion industry. In Cape Town they serve in the township of Masiphomelele, where they are working with local government and schools to bring transformation. There may be other outreach locations added this year.

The school starts in September 2009 – come be a part!

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