Letting Go and Letting God

I think I feel like writing more now that it is crunch time. I can’t stand to keep packing and cleaning nonstop so I find my rest by jotting down things God is showing me through this process.

Many people ask whether it is hard to let go of our stuff. It is a process because at first it seems hard. Before you actually begin the letting go. And, back when I was in college and thinking of missions as a young man I remember thinking that it would be really hard to give up so many things. But what is most interesting is that I haven’t had any trouble with this process at all. In fact, I have rejoiced to see stuff go. And, I haven’t really felt sad at all…. until today.

And that’s when God reaffirmed something I knew, but that we all too often forget. I grew sad today because I will be eating lunch with my parents and it may be the last time I see them for a while. It is the goodbyes to real live people that are hard. To watch a couch go – big deal. Even to miss American Idol last night and Lost tonight because we’ve already sold our TVs – it’s just not a big deal. Let’s get some real perspective. But to say good bye to someone you love, to someone who encourages you, to someone who helps you, to someone you love to help – well, that is difficult. And I’m being very understated.

For everyone who thinks it is inspiring to sell everything and go after God’s direction, know that it really isn’t that hard to give up your toys. Try it and see. Be inspired. You’ll be amazed at how freeing it is to let God be God of your stuff and not have your Stuff be your god. You’ll love it.

But prepare your heart for the goodbyes to family and friends. Prepare your heart by knowing the Truth about eternity. These lives are momentary, brief, and just a quickly passing wind. But we will have all of eternity to live together with our loved ones and with God. So, even if today’s lunch were the last time I saw my parents (God forbid), it is okay because I will have forever to be with them in God’s hands. And that forever will be safe, filled with joy, and in His unimpeded presence. Hallelujah!

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