Living Means Giving Means Dying Means Loving

When do we depend on God?

Is it when going out to eat is practically always an option or when picking up a Starbucks on the way to work is a given?

Is it when we have all we need to be able to buy new tires anytime we need them?

Is it when deciding to go to the doctor has no financial considerations?

Is it when everything appears to be within our control?

I find it simply amazing that we are so quick to complain when a trial strikes us, particularly trials that are small. But when others face trials we are inspired. Some good friends of ours were struck with a tragedy this past fall when their 10-year old son succumbed to a mysterious illness. He was not killed, but he still cannot walk. As a result of that 1000s of people from all over the country came together in prayer and encouragement. People were inspired to trust in God. The family has pulled together mightily. And the young man’s faith has grown by leaps and bounds.

God asks us to trust in Him with our entire heart.

I have this picture of America, prior to the recent economic downturn, of being like the humans on the Axiom in Wall-E (which is well worth seeing). We have all that we need at our fingertips. And we’re soft. We’re incapable of taking care of ourselves. We are surviving, but we aren’t living. Wall-E Captain

Even this “downturn” proves this. We still have so much more than we need. We aren’t even close to poverty generally. But how hard it is on our soft selves that we can’t go to Cold Stone Creamery whenever we feel the urge. And, goodness me, we might have to drive a car longer than three years.

I talk to people almost daily who say they feel like they are missing out on life. There must be something more. They’re surviving, but they aren’t living. And this is how they feel in spite of their recent cruise, promotion, or selection for leadership in their community.

To live is Jesus. Period. And to live Jesus is to take up our crosses and give our lives away. We need to stop trying to hang on to our lives and start giving them away to be Jesus to the world. Jesus told us that apart from Him we can do nothing. He told us that in Him alone will we find our joy complete. When will we stop looking for joy in what this world offers and start demonstrating His love by giving away our lives?

That is what we were created for. That is who we really are.


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