Gems in Hard to Find Places

Heaven at HomeMy wife started reading a book aloud to me last night and I thought it worth reprinting here. In Heaven at Home, by Ginger Plowman, she introduces her book with these thoughts:

Remember, as you read through this book, that being better wives [husbands], moms [dads] and homemakers does not make us more worthy of God’s love. . . . Our acceptance before God is not based on our conformity to human standars or our perfect obedience. Jesus has obeyed in our place and has paid the full penalty for our disobedience. There is nothing left, either in terms of obedience or judgment, for us to get credit for. We are not justified on the basis of our successful obedience. We must hold this truth continually before ourselves lest we become prideful in our successes or defeated in our failures. We must have the glorious message of the gospel be the lens through which we see all of life.

We honor and obey Jesus not for the good it brings us (although good comes), but to give him pleasure through a worshipful life. It will be tempting to read this book with the mindset of, “What steps must I take in order to have a peaceful home? How can I be a happier, more fulfilled Christian?” I urge you to read this book with the mindset of, “Although there is nothing I can do to earn righteousness and acceptance [I already have it], how can I radiate the peace of Christ so that his character might be glorified in and through me? How can I bless God in the way I treat my family? How can I become more pleasing to Jesus?

This may be a book written for women about establishing a peaceful home, but this introduction definitely sounds like it is filled with wisdom for everyone.

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