Fear Versus Grace

Fear says “not that my life has been all that bad, but this guy really has known me for a long time.”

Grace says “I have struggled all my life with sin. He’s a life-long friend that knows many of those struggles. Heck, I’m still struggling, but I’m also giving God more and more control every day!”

Fear says “I made a mistake, but luckily it wasn’t anything physical.”

Grace says “I was unfaithful to my wife, my kids, well, I was unfaithful to the only One Who Is Faithful and True, my Heavenly Father. Praise God He is gracious and forgiving.”

Fear is so used to others judging that it doesn’t even know how to tell a complete story without letting fear rewrite it or add caveats.

Grace lets go and trusts God to defend and protect us.

Fear offers a defense.

Grace is the only true defense.

Fear tells the story to leave the implication that we still have some modicum of goodness in us and in our own strength.

Grace says frankly, “I have nothing on my own and am an absolute failure in my own strength. Apart from Jesus and what He did for me at the cross, I have nothing. Praise God I can do all things in Christ, who strengthens me.”

Lord, help me to live by your unfettered grace. May You alone be my strength and glory. Please forgive me when I claim that I’ve done something good as though I could do anything of any worth apart from You.

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