So, Keaton had his spiritual birthday one week ago on June 1, 2008. Today, June 8th, is the celebration of his 7th birthday!

On the evening of June 8th, 2001, Keatie came out tipping the scales at 9 lbs. 14 oz! Tara was a trooper, pushing him out after only a few hours of labor without any medication. Keaton meanwhile has grown up driven for excellence. He has proven time and time again, in games, sports, and academics, that he is not going to settle for second best in his effort.

Below are some pictures from his “football” practice yesterday.

Yes, this is Keaton practicing with his soccer team, the St. Nicholas Football Club, a group of 6-year old English boys. We all went to cheer him on yesterday. After an hour of practice, including scrimmaging for about half an hour, Keaton scored two of the 6 goals scored. His team was winning 5-0 (in England we say “five-nil”) when the coach decided to “even things up” by moving Keaton to the team that was losing. He didn’t score once moved to the red team, but in just five minutes after the player swap, the game ended at 5-1.

After each practice there is a trophy ceremony. Here was the coach’s speech before awarding the trophy:

As you know we award a trophy each week to one player. The trophy doesn’t go to the best player; instead, it goes to the player who tries the hardest each week. However, sometimes the player who works the hardest and shows the most effort also happens to be the very best player. And, that is the case this week as I am giving the trophy to Keaton Riley!!!

My chest was surely quite a bit bigger after hearing that! Almost every week the coach tells me that Keaton is quite a player and that he has a great attitude. We couldn’t be more proud of him, not because he is good at football, but because he is a fine young man.

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