So Encouraged by Obedience and Friendship

One of the blessings we had on this particular outreach to the Philippines was the ability to offer to others the opportunity to join us. For those who receive our mailings, we had written months ago about joining us in Cagayan de Oro. As I prayed over the letters, I wrote a small note to just a few people asking them if they had ever considered doing something like that. As a result, God spoke to Reid McCarty and he asked his wife, Michelle, about taking the trip.

Consequently, about six months and five new passports later, they found themselves and their three children very outside of their comfort zone. They confided to us once it was all said and done and they were leaving to return to America that there had been some nights of “cursing that Bryan,” (a little exaggerated), but that in the end they were seeing why God had brought them around the world to share God’s love and that they were so glad they had come.

It was very difficult. They endured two days of flying with two children throwing up. Their son, Nathan, said that “I had to get a shot to go on my vacation.” They then had several days where the 13-hour jet lag was incredibly hard, particularly with a 6, 3 and 1 year old! They found themselves in a hot, muggy environment and with ministry opportunities that were incredibly difficult for their young children. Reid sacrificed nearly all his vacation time and spent a great deal of money to come. But, in the end, as they said goodbye to our group and prayed with us all, you could see the impact that it had had on all of them. It was amazing. God was, as He always is, Very Good.

Reid got to lead someone to Christ for the first time. He also ended up in a neighborhood in a nearby city, Iligan, that had suffered a great deal of fire damage, and God clearly showed him that it was part of the reason he had come. Michelle spent a great deal of time working to get us entry into some local elementary schools, and, as a result, this past Thursday we spent over an hour at a school with 750 children!!! Next week we will be in another school with about 300 children and we may also be returning to the school with the 750. I was able to share the message of the gospel of Jesus and then we spent time doing drama, singing, and teaching them some fun games. They loved seeing tall white people dancing! 🙂 And they call us long noses. It is very fun spending time with the Filipino children and seeing them respond to the message of Jesus.

Please pray that God will continue to bless the McCarty’s for their faithfulness and that they will continue to have His purposes revealed to them for their sacrifices.

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