Smoky Mountain in Cagayan de Oro


Before our time of feetwashing, Tara shared Jesus with three generations of women in one home. All of them accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. That is in addition to the four I mention below. Also, where you read about rice feeding families – it is one kilo that feeds a small family for a week… not eight .. and one kilo is only 50 cents. It is so fun to provide so much with so little.

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Smoky Mountain is the city dump. Many people live there. We have been ministering there during our time here. Going home to home, teaching, healing, praying, sharing, listening… It is an amazing place. Children often run naked, even older children. They are dirty and have cuts from the glass and other things you would expect to find in a trash dump.

Today we were there to wash feet. We washed dozens of women’s and men’s feet – moms and dads who are making a living by collecting trash right next to the one church in the area. Both Tara and I spent time washing feet while Tanner and Keaton brought those we washed a new pair of flip flops. It was amazing. Four people accepted Jesus while we washed their feet. I was able to give away eight kilos of rice, which is enough to feed a small family for about a week. A kilo of rice costs only about 50 cents. Oh, and Regan can simply sit in a chair and children and even adults will just watch her for an hour.

Is that not amazing? Is God not good? Oh how great is His love!!!!

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