regan-beach.JPGOur little girl turned 3 on January 27th.  Amazing.  People have assumed she was 3 or 4 for some time because of her long legs, but she always had a grand time telling people she was “two and a half.”  Here’s a few shots from the past six months for your enjoyment.  Happy birthday Roodle.

regan-green-sand-beach.JPGRegan having a blast at the world’s only green sand beach about 2 miles from the southern most place in the United States.

regan-funny-glasses-stache.JPGClowning around on Halloween.  The dress was her uniform for preschool at the University of the Nations.

regan-vampire.JPGDavid and Wendy Price sent us a lot of fun party favors and candy for Halloween while we were in Kona.  Regan knew just what to do with them without any guidance from us.  We laughed out loud when she first showed us.

regan-refuge.JPGStudied beauty.

regan-couch-jump-alive.JPGAlways full of energy.   

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